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Francisco Montoya Cázarez (MEX)

Don Ramón, 2012, Mexico
2:35 HDV

January 19 – March 2

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The work is a part of the video series 1-2-1 Video Phone Home in Phonebox

1-2-1 Video Phone Home is the name of a new series of exhibitions in IMO's Phonebox space. The exhibitions will be focusing on video works only. Each presentation shows just one video directly from a laptop. As a viewer you will be one on one with the work, all of which deals with an intimacy and proximity that relates to the Phonebox situation.

The videos will all have the duration of a manageable telephone call.

First video in the series is Don Ramón by the Mexican artist Francisco Montoya Cázarez where a one hundred years old man was requested by the artist to count till 100.